Five years ago we became fascinated by the idea of leveraging modern cell phone GPS technology to discover new ways for single people to meet. We were disenfranchised with Internet dating and frustrated by the lack of immediacy, real world opportunities and simply thought there was a better way for people to discover one another. SinglesAroundMe was born to solve this problem and we became the very first location based mobile dating app in the world. It may sound crazy, but we wanted you to be able to meet single people around you today and if you traveled somewhere tomorrow, to meet a whole new group of people instantly. Today the name SinglesAroundMe®

has become a marque brand and is used by millions of people around the world. We continue to invest and innovate to provide an even better experience and results for our users.


The core SinglesAroundMe® (SAM) feature, known as “SAM” allows you to meet singles that are within a defined distance of your present location, anywhere in the world. The new By Chancefeature introduces you to singles that you crossed paths with throughout your day. You can also use the “Destination Search” feature to meet singles at locations you maybe travelling to in the near future. Because we collect more info than just a photo, you can also use our advanced search to filter by ethnicity, religion, language, etc, to suit your individual preferences.


With our latest update you can now swipe through profiles and photos and choose to “like” or “dislike” people as you go, keeping a fresh list of only those people who interest you. If that same person likes your photo also, it’s called a “mutual match”. Your matches can be found in the new “Likes” section. Here you will also find people that have “liked you” so you can quickly find out who likes you and take a second look in case you missed them.


With SinglesAroundMe you get a second chance to make a first impression! We believe that there is more to a user than just a photo, so we encourage users to message one-another to allow for ones personality to show. You can send a wink, message, like or dislike users even if the person has not yet found the time to find and like your photo. If someone you don’t like is bugging you, simply block him or her to prevent any further access to your profile.


Our newly updated text-messaging feature allows you to keep track of all conversations, so you won’t forget that potential special person. You can also look at “new users” who have joined recently in your area or around the world.


On the dynamic “Check-In” map screen it’s your choice how you wish to show your location. The app records only your last “Check in Location” which is the last time you opened the app. You can choose to show your location or opt to hide it and have only your photo show up under “Faces” within the searchable area. We also offer the option to “Shift” your location, which moves you 2-5 KM away from your present location so that you can remain visible to others within the general area – very cool!