SinglesAroundMe (SAM) allows you to socialize with singles around you anywhere on earth, right now through your smart phone. It is a location aware, 'social discovery' mobile dating app that connects people in real life. It is changing the way singles meet worldwide and offers you the opportunity to discover the singles you want to meet nearby, now.

SinglesAroundMe was the first real location based mobile GPS dating app to hit the market. Founded in 2009 with patent pending technology, it first launched on the iPhone in April 2010. SAM quickly carved out a new niche within the larger dating industry and today it is a market leader. We call ourselves a social discovery app because there is little comparison to traditional dating sites or apps.


It is an unusually fun-loving app that appeals to our sense of meeting like-minded people around us, wherever we might be. Spontaneous, serendipitous, by-chance meetings are exciting and they remind us of moments when great romances begin.


We pose the question, is your next love somewhere around you now? Chances are, Yes! We meet people when we’re out and about, not when we’re stuck at home behind a computer.


My name is Chris Klotz, and I founded SinglesAroundMe. I met my wife by chance while on the Cambridge University ski team in the French Alps, and I have now been happily married for 15 years. I know that these kinds of chance encounters can lead to great happiness and wild romance, but I also know there is a bit of luck needed in finding and meeting like-minded singles. I hope that SinglesAroundMe provides you with these opportunities and that luck, wherever you might be in the world. I know that my single friends are enjoying the app and based on feedback from users worldwide, others are too.


In most cities worldwide, you can now find users of SinglesAroundMe. From New York to London, Paris to Berlin and down under in Sydney, the app is spreading wildly as clusters of singles join up and tell their friends.


The SAM (SinglesAroundMe) function works to plot singles on a geographical map around you, where you can control the distance from 100 yards to 120 miles 200 /km. You can define your search to display only the type of singles who interest you. You can view a user's profile, photos and send various flirtatious winks and text messages, add them to your hot list and /or block list.


It also features a uniquely fun “Destination Search” tool, which allows you to look for singles at specific locations of your choice  – in bars, restaurants, resorts, distant cities, wherever, before leaving home.


Location Privacy is 100% controlled by you. We are pleased to announce that with our patent pending "Position Shift" technology user can control their location for the sake of their own privacy. You can choose how much, if any, of your precise location you wish to share. You can keep your location hidden, show your exact location or SHIFT your location, which moves your location on maps by approximately 1-2 mile / 2-3 KM from your real location. 

It is up to you to choose when to flirt and when to be anonymous. You can remove your profile from public view at any time. 

You can also choose how close you'd like others to be to you, before they are allowed to send you a message - 20 miles, 100 miles or worlds away (Android & iPhone users). What does this mean? You can choose to make the app hyper-local or you can open it up to the world.

Your account works seamlessly between the website, mobile site and the apps, however, the best experience is through the app on the iPhone, Blackberry or Android devices where we can utilize GPS location to deliver a really exciting experience. 


Nudity is strictly prohibited and users can monitor and report any bad behaviour.  We have a zero tolerance policy and anyone caught spamming or using the app in any manor contrary to our "Terms Of Use" will immediately be deleted and banned from SinglesAroundMe.