SinglesAroundMe / byChance FAQ 

How to Signup / Login?

You can sign up easily through the app via Facebook (we will never post anything to your Facebook) or you can use the long form registration.

How to get more people viewing your profile?

You can get 10 times the amount of people visiting your profile by simply adding multiple pictures of yourself, filling out your profile and by Liking some people.

How can I meet local singles or search singles in different areas?

You can search from 1km up to a 200km (124 miles) radius using the SAM (SinglesAroundMe) search. You may also use the Destination search feature to search singles at specific locations or in other areas further than 200k away and both search options allow you to refine you search by age, distance, sex, religion, ethnicity, etc. 

How does byChance work? (Coming soon)

byChance introduces you to people you have crossed paths and displays their profile on your timeline. For privacy reasons, the app wont tell you the exact location or distance away. 

Can I quickly swipe through profiles of singles nearby?

Yes, you can do so in the faces tab in SAM or Destination search or in your byChance timeline. You can Like / Dislike or skip profiles one after another.

What happens when you Like someone?

The user is notified that you Like them and your photo is displayed in their Likes You feed. 

Can I see who has Liked me?

Yes. In the main Likes tab under who Likes you. On the same page you can also look at all of the profiles that you have Liked over time.

What happens if two people Like each other?

The message gateway opens and you will be able to freely chat.

How can I start messaging someone?                                                                                                                                                                                             

If you and another person have Liked one-another then you may start messaging each other. If you would like to start messaging someone before they have Liked you back, you must subscribe to SAM Plus which offers you priority messaging. 

Can I hide my location?

Yes, its up to you how you wish to display your location. You can hide, show or shift your location by a few miles by selecting the option in settings. For privacy reasons, your Check-In location is only updated on the SAM and Destination search display when you open the app and run a search. 

How do I see who has checked out my profile?

Select the Who checked you out tab.

How do I save a profile to check out later?

If you would like to save a profile of interest to review later you can do so by adding them to your Hot List. 

Can I see new users that have joined in my area?

Yes. Browse “Who's new”, where you can view the newest members in your area. 

Can I control how I receive messages?

Yes in the Notifications tab you can turn message notifications on or off and choose to receive them by email, notification or both. 

What is SAM Plus?

Its our value added service that helps you connect with people. You can see who has Liked you in advance and it opens the message gateway allowing you to message people at any time. 

Can I block users from looking at my Profile?

Yes. Under each profile you have the option to block a user. 

What is Message Radius?

Only allows messages to be sent to you from users that are within a set distance of you. 

How can I delete my account?

Simply select the delete account option within the app. 

Can I keep my account but hide my profile until Im ready again?

Sure, simply set Profile Visibility to off.